When it comes to purchasing that brand-new vehicle, we all know that eventually it’s going to need some form of maintenance. It can be something as simple as an oil change, or it can be something as severe as a broken transmission. Either way you look at it, someone is going to have to repair it. Always remember, that you know what’s best for your automobile. This leads me to how you can find the right mechanic for your automobile needs.


When finding the right mechanic for you, keep in mind that all mechanics are not good mechanics. Asking friends, colleagues or your neighbors for their recommendations is another smart move. For those of you who are new to the area, Google is your best friend. Simply search for auto repairs in your area, e.g auto repair mesa and you will find a lot of great results. Take the time to contact the best auto shops nearby so that you can make an informed decision. With that in mind, you can reel out bad mechanics by asking for their mechanical credentials.

One of the best certifications your mechanic can have is by ASE. ASE is the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. To become ASE certified mechanics have to go through knowledge testing, as well as skills testing. They also have to have at least two years of relevant experience in their trade. ASE is not the only good certification out there. If your mechanic is certified from a manufacturer, you can rest assured that your mechanic is skillful in that brand of automobile he/she is certified under.

Most importantly, always try to meet your mechanic if you can. You will always want to know who will be working on your vehicle. Anytime you are dealing with a mechanic, ask them to physically show you what is wrong with your vehicle. Many mechanics will refuse to show you the problems that they say are wrong with your vehicle. This kind of mechanic is a mechanic that you do not need.
The internet is very useful when you’re in need of information. You can use this as a way to maintain DIY maintenance on your vehicle. There are many community forums that will give you tips and tricks if you run into an issue with your vehicle.


Many people in online communities have experienced the same issues that you are, or that you may soon experience with your automobile. This way you will feel more confident when you choose how to handle your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs. Using real people’s experiences, you will know what you are dealing with, or walking into if you choose to not DIY. Just remember repairs are very expensive no matter if you choose to do-it-yourself, or go to a professional. It’s always best that it’s done right.